Resume & Personal Brand Alignment Services

If you’re looking for your dream job, but don’t know where to start, let Alignment Recruiting guide you through defining your personal brand, building a strong application package, and tailoring your job search. Whether you are a 1L just getting started on summer associate applications or you are an established partner at a law firm who needs a fresh approach to your personal brand and resume, or anything in between, we can help. 

As legal recruiters, Liz and Lacie have seen thousands of resumes over the years and know exactly what stands out–in a good way, and in a bad way. It’s very clear which candidates know what value they bring to the table and how to convey it in their job application materials, something that is not overlooked by hiring departments. It doesn’t hurt that, combined, Liz and Lacie have an advertising degree, business degree, a JD, and an MBA! That’s a lot of knowledge on branding and positioning yourself in business and law. 

When serving in a traditional recruiter capacity, Alignment gives resume advice and editing as part of the recruiting process, but we aren’t able to offer these same full recruiting services to everyone that needs/wants help. We also don’t have the time and resources to do personal branding work for our candidates. Although we can’t personally place every attorney we speak with in their dream job, due to a variety of reasons, we can spend the time to help every candidate have a strong resume package tailored to their career goals and help them with best practices for finding and landing their dream job. 


Resume Alignment Session


(upfront payment required)

This is a two-hour workshop broken into one-hour sessions to get your resume into top shape. We will do a directed brainstorming session on our first call and a live editing session on our second call. We can create as specific or as broad of a resume as you need for your goals, which we will determine together. At the end of this two-part workshop you will have a finalized resume to submit to your job targets as well as a clear picture of your personal brand and how to convey it when given the opportunity. Any extra time left in the two-hour session can be used to discuss cover letters and/or other application materials. 

Job Search Alignment Package


(upfront payment required)

This includes the Resume Alignment Session described above, as well as three additional 60-minute weekly calls to move through the job search process. We will discuss which topics interest you most, but are able to cover targeting jobs, packaging your application materials, interview coaching, closing the deal, follow-up etiquette, and more. We can use a specific job example you’re interested in or we can deal with a more general career goal/position. At the end of this five-part workshop you will have a finalized resume, clear personal brand, targeted job search, interview skills, and the skills to best navigate an offer.

Job Search Alignment Package Deluxe


(upfront payment required)

This package includes everything in the Job Search Alignment package, but in this scenario, we do the bulk of the written work on the resume and you act as more of the editor. We will also draft one cover letter based on a target job of your choosing.

Alignment Tweaks

$55/per 15 minutes

(upfront payment required)

Want to do a full mock interview? Draft a cover letter for a specific job after we’ve finished our sessions? Get your LinkedIn profile to match your new brand? You can book in 15 minute increments at $55/per increment up to a full hour at a time. 

Please note that all package sessions must be used within 3 months of purchase, unless otherwise discussed. If we place you in a job as your recruiter, we will refund 50% of the cost of whichever package you purchased, 90 days after your start date. 

Use our calendar links to schedule your free initial consultation to determine if one of these packages would work for you: