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Change your Career. Change your Life.

A better approach to legal recruiting.

Most people look for new work opportunities because something is missing in their current role. After many years of legal recruiting, we’ve seen this to be true with almost all of our candidates. What if you could focus not just on your next legal job, but on your entire career path as an attorney? What if you could be sure that your next career move is setting you up for success for the long run – not simply as an escape from where you currently are? At Alignment Recruiting, that’s precisely what we help you do.

For Individuals

Are you ready to take your career to a new level? Thinking about making a geographic move? Wanting to make the move from law firm life to in-house? Whatever you’re looking to do in the legal world, Alignment Recruiting can help.

Alignment Recruiting has placed attorneys at AmLaw 100 firms, strong regional firms, boutique practices, and in-house with both small and large legal departments. We have placed all over the US from East Coast to West Coast, North to South, and the Midwest.

What makes Alignment Recruiting unique is our combined experience both inside law firms as practicing attorneys and as head of attorney recruiting, as well as serving as in-house counsel. Alignment Recruiting provides all services complimentary to candidates, so there is no financial obligation on your end. Regardless of what you decide to do with your career, Alignment Recruiting is here to make sure you map your path to success in the best way possible.

For Companies

Whether you’re a large AmLaw 200 law firm, a small specialty boutique practice, or a company looking to build your legal team, Alignment Recruiting has the experience you need. As seasoned veterans in the recruiting industry, we know the delicate balance between employers and potential employees. We are well versed in making sure both parties get what they want and need. If you have a specialized search that you haven’t been able to fill, reach out to Alignment Recruiting today to let us show you how our approach is different. The relationship is on a contingency basis for our clients, so you have nothing to lose!

If you’d like to work with us on building up your legal team, let’s talk!

As members of the industry’s top association, National Association of Legal Search Consultants, we make sure we are aligned with the guidelines set to ensure an ethical relationship between us, our candidates, and our clients. NALSC requires all members to abide by a set of rules and conduct, learn more about it here: