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A better approach to legal recruiting.

Our mission at Alignment Recruiting is to be the best ally and teammate to both our clients looking to hire and our candidates looking for new positions.

With our candidates we know that most people look for new work opportunities because something is missing in their current role. After many years of legal recruiting, we’ve seen this to be true with almost all of our candidates. What if you could focus not just on your next legal job, but on your entire career path as an attorney? What if you could be sure that your next career move is setting you up for success for the long run – not simply as an escape from where you currently are? At Alignment Recruiting, that’s precisely what we help you do.

For our clients, we see a range of reasons why they are looking to hire. It may be a newly created position that they need help defining, or it may be to replace a longstanding member of their team. They may know exactly the type of candidate they want to hire, or they may need our expertise in learning their business, team, and corporate culture and finding them the perfect match. We don’t believe in the common recruiting method of throwing as many resumes as possible at a client to see what sticks, instead we carefully screen and curate the candidates and resumes we send to make sure they are worth our clients’ time to interview. As an employer, what if you could streamline the hiring process by only seeing the top candidates who truly fit your needs? What if the recruiting agency you used was looking for a long-term fit for your team instead of a quick buck? If you’re looking for a true partner in your hiring process, we are just the folks you’re looking for.